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Anchor Liberty Xtreme 5000 Portable Sound System

Anchor Liberty Xtreme 5001
Companion Speaker


Anchor Liberty Xtreme 5100 Portable Sound System Equipment Rental

Anchor Liberty-Xtreme sound system
Liberty Xtreme Speaker PA Speaker
Companion Speaker for Xtreme 5000

A PA system that's Xtremely adaptable

The Liberty Xtreme is a portable, powerful audio and PA sound system, delivering crystal-clear vocal reproduction and full range music to crowds up to 2,500 or 5,000 people.  Lightweight, easy to carry and simple to set up, the Xtreme can be used virtually everywhere!  It's the perfect solution for a wide range of indoor or outdoor applications including multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums or even athletic fields.

For professional presentations the Liberty Xtreme  includes everything you need. Built-in wireless and cassette player options, wireless mic, heavy-duty speaker stand, CD player and mic holder. 
If your looking for an audio and PA system that's xtremely adaptable, fits into almost any budget, and delivers clarity of speech without sacrificing musical sound quality, trust your ears - the choice is clear...the Liberty Xtreme MPA-5000 Sound System from Anchor Audio.

An installed sound system with the same sound quality as the Liberty would cost at least $6,000. The audience would not be able to detect a difference between the two. Of course, the installed system can only be used in one location while the Liberty has the advantage of being portable.


  • Speech project mode for crystal-clear voice projection
  • Active limiter - keeps sound clean even when driven hard
  • Handles crowds of 2,500 or more
  • Music/project modes
  • XLR input allows use of both line level or microphone source, with or without phantom power
  • Line-level balanced output
  • Project/Music Switch. "Project" emphasizes voice for better clarity, "Music" gives higher fidelity.
  • 130 watts AC powered
  • Weighs just 34 lbs.
  • Balanced, switchable mic/line input accepts any microphone or any line level source. (tape, Cd Mixer, or other Anchor System)
  • Unbalanced line input accepts any line level audio source
  • AC accessory outlet powers auxiliary components or systems
Dimensions:  13x22.5x10" (WxHxD)             
Weight: Approximately 34 lbs
Supplied with: cables, carrying case
Rental Price:  $85.00 per day

Anchor Liberty Xtreme 5100 Portable Sound System Equipment Rental

MPA 5100 Technical Specs (Requires Adobe AcrobatReader)
Liberty Xtreme Owners Manual  (Requires Adobe AcrobatReader)

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