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Anchor Ensign TL-2B

AC/Battery Powered Podium

Ensign Portable Tabletop Lectern Presentation Sound System Equipment Rental

Anchor Ensign TL-2B Podium
Ensign Portable Tabletop Lectern

We brought a better lectern to the table. ENSIGN TABLETOP LECTERN with sound system; battery powered.

Ensign is a tabletop lectern and full-range sound system that's completely portable. It sets up in an instant to add power and credibility to presentations anywhere: Sharp enough to appear in boardrooms and lecture halls, it's got a durable finish and rugged internal components that make it tough enough for outdoor training grounds and campsites.
The powerful MOSFET amplifier can reach a crowd of 500, or drive a companion speaker for double capacity. There is one thing that you won't hear, however: paper shuffling and hand movement, eliminated by Ensign's isolation shockmount.

Though Ensign weighs just 39 pounds and carries easily, it sets up rock solid. Add the optional QuickStand folding base and it becomes a full-size floor lectern. Ensign's easy to use, too, with its volume and tone controls right at your fingertips. The battery-powered model runs 6 to 8 hours on a charge.


  • Portable tabletop lectern complete with sound system, reading light, and extra-sensitive gooseneck microphone.
  • Built-in Sound Systems with full range speakers. Excellent for Corporate, Educational, Church, Military and Governmental Markets
  • 50 watt amplifier, 12 volt DC output for wireless receiver, auxiliary mic input (balanced, lo-Z) with phantom power, aux input (line level), line output, treble and bass controls and external speaker outputs.
  • Rechargeable batteries, battery protect circuitry and two-stage charger built-in. 6-8 hours per charge.
  • Truly portable-folds into a compact package that weighs just 39 lbs.
  • Sensitive electret microphone mounted on a custom isolation shockmount.
  • Powerful enough for crowds of 500.


Rated Power output: 45 watts
Max SPL @ Rated Power:
103 dB @ 1 meter
Battery (2): 12 volt rechargeable, 2.6 AH
Frequency Response:
100 Hz -12 kHz
Lectern Mic input: Lo-Z, balanced, phantom powered
Auxiliary Mic Input: Lo-Z, balanced, phantom powered, XLR
Line Input: Hi-Z, unbalanced, 1/4"-phone
Line Output (post fader): buffered, 1/4"-phone
AC Power Requirements: 110-125 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 210-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:  24x23x10" (WxHxD)             
Weight: Approximately 39 lbs
Supplied with: cables, carrying case
Rental Price:  $45.00 per day

Ensign Portable Tabletop Lectern Presentation Sound System Equipment Rental

Ensign Technical Specs (Requires Adobe AcrobatReader)
Ensign Owners Manual  (Requires Adobe AcrobatReader)

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