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Panasonic PV-C1341

13" TV/VCR Combo

Panasonic PV-C1341 - 13" TV/VCR Combo Rental












Panasonic PV-C1341 13" Diagonal Mono TV/4-Head Mono VCR Combination/ Integrated Color TV and VHS VCR/ FM radio with auto scan / Commercial skip lets you jump ahead during playback in 1, 2, or 3 minute increments.


  • 13-inch TV with built-in four-head VCR.
  • FM Radio with Auto Scan lets you enjoy your favorite radio stations
  • Alarm Clock lets you fall asleep to or awake to videotape, TV show or your favorite FM station
  • Video/TV On-Timer
  • 30/60/90 Minute Sleep Timer
  • Wake-up Alarm Front A/V Jacks/Earphone Jack for simplified connection of camcorders or other equipment
  • Auto Clock Set with 24-hour Back-up sets the date and time automatically
  • Index Search for simplified access to various programs on a tape
  • Commercial Skip lets you jump ahead during playback in 1, 2 or 3-minute increments
  • Program End Search lets you find the end of a recorded program
  • Tape Status lets you know how much time is left on the tape before, during or after recording
  • Time Stamp, when activated, automatically tags the start of each new recording and displays on screen the date, time, end time and channel of the program being recorded
  • Channel Caption lets you assign an ID of one to four characters to 34 channels
  • V-Chip Parental Guidance System allows you to program the combo unit to block out specific TV channels
  • 60-Minute Timer can be used as a reminder to monitor various tasks
  • Self-Demo Mode
  • Trilingual On-Screen Display for on-screen programming instructions in English, Spanish or French
  • Auto Power On
Dimensions: 15x15x14" (WxHxD)
Weight: Approximately 26 lbs
Supplied with: cables, carrying case

Rental Price: $40.00 / Day

Panasonic PV-C1341 - 13" TV/VCR Combo Rental


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