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Sony EV-C200 Hi-8 Deck

Video Cassette Recorder

Sony EV-C200 Hi-8 Deck Video Cassette Recorder Equipment Rental

8mm:  Sony EV-C200
Sony EV-C200 - Hi8 VCR
Hi-8 Deck (Sony EV-C200)
Hi-8 DECK with Y-C Video in and out and Control-L Interfaces


  • Hi8 recording system captures more than 400 lines of resolution

  • Up to 3-hour recording in best-picture (SP) mode on a single Hi8 videocassette

  • Also works with 8mm tapes
  • AFM Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Control Editing Terminal
  • Control-L editing terminal - (LPORT422:Lanc Editing Capability)*
  • Synchro Edit function for easy synchronized editing between Handycam camcorder and VCR
  • 3 video heads for still, slow motion and frame-by-fame playback
  • Crystal clear still/slow motion
  • Frame-by-frame forward/reverse buttons on remote
  • 2X fast play
  • Flying erase head for noise-free picture transitions when recording or editing
  • Wireless Remote Control Features 8mm NTSC Standard
  • 8mm or Hi8 Record
  • S- Video Input
  • Stereo Hi Fi Audio Play & Record
Dimensions    16 9/1 0"  x  3 2/5"  x  15 2/5"
Weight    8 lbs 7oz
Supplied with: cables, carrying case

Rental Price:  $45.00 per day

Sony EV-C200 Hi-8 Deck Video Cassette Recorder Front View

Sony EV-C200 Hi-8 Deck Video Cassette Recorder Back View

* LPORT422: LPort422 is compatible with Control-L (LANC) type camcorders and VCRs which read RC or DV time code. Camcorders and VCRs which do not read RC or DV time code will not work for editing purposes. All DV camcorders and DV VCRs with Control-L (LANC) remote control do read timecode and work very well with Lport422.   However, S-VHS and VHS VCRs and camcorders do not transmit timecode to the Control-L serial line and, therefore are not workable for automated functions. A functional RS-422 9-pin VTR control cable must be available from your editing system before connecting Lport to the system.

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